90° Angle Head are ideally suitable for VMC/HMC for improving productivity, by avoiding number of setups.

Angle Head By Kuvam technologies pvt ltd

◎ BT40-ER32 90° Angle Head (AHA Type)
◎ Run-out:0.002 mm
◎ Squareness:10 Arc Second
◎ Material:Ductile Cast Iron(FCD65)
◎ R.P.M.:Max. 4000 RPM
◎ Torque: Max. 27 Nm
◎ Gear Ratio:1:0.81
◎ Spindle Type:BT, NT, SK(ISO), CAT
◎ Standard Accessory:Hook Spanner, ER Wrench, ER Nut
◎ Output Rotation: Reverse to Input Rotation.