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    The study has shown standard 3 axes VMC/HMC, up to 75% of the time is wasted on unproductive tasks like workpiece loading, unloading, tool changing, fixture replacement, tool movement, etc. The loss of opportunity cost over the machine’s life is up to 4 crores!


    Recently we helped one of our  client’s production constraint problem by adding ANGLE HEAD on VMC and helped them to manage the production without investing in HMC and increased their revenue up to 55% and reduced rejections by 39%
    90° angle head by Kuvam technologies pvt ltd

    90° Angle Head

    Universal Angle Head by Kuvam Technologies pvt ltd

     Universal Angle Head

    Heavy-Duty Angle Head by Kuvam technologies pvt ltd

    Heavy-Duty Angle Head

    Slim Angle Head by Kuvam technologies pvt ltd

    Slim Angle Head

    Angular Heads Features:

    • Customized setting blocks can be easily installed without any modification of machine construction.
    • The body is made of Ductile Cast Iron with high tensile strength.
    • Can be automatic tool changed. Save time; increase efficiency.
    • Cutting direction can be adjusted from 0 to 360 degree. Can easily be set by indicating the datum face.
    • Low temperature rising, waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof.
    • Avoids turning workpiece around to increase accuracy and productivity.
    • Ideal for drilling, tapping, end milling, face milling, and various machining applications.

    Angular Heads Benefits:

    • Saving in loading, and unloading time
    • reduction in the number of setups
    • low rejection
    • more production in less time
    • more flexibility to machine a variety of components.
    • Convert VMC to HMC at fraction of the machine cost
    • Improve machine flexibility to handle a variety of components 
    • Quick setup change! Reduce rejection!
    • High ROI! Huge Savings!

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