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Built In Cylinder Fixed Type

Built-in cylinder fixed type is a type of hydraulic cylinder used in various applications, including construction and manufacturing. Learn about the benefits of using this type of cylinder, including its compact size, high durability, and improved performance.

Chuck Fixtures By Kuvam Technologies

2 Actuating axes self-centering solid air chuck fixtures is great for machining center. Two pairs of jaws clamp one after another to assure a workpiece to be locked completely.

  1. Rust-proof for Pneumatic Cylinder: Inside wall of cylinder being rustproof treated; cylinder can work under wet or high moisture circumstances without rusty or seized trouble.
  2. Dusts-proof and Waterproof: Dust-proof and Waterproof structure prevents work-chips and coolant water from entering into inside of chuck cylinder to maintain its accuracy and lead to longer service life.
  3. 4-jaw Clamping and Self-centering: 4-jaw clamping are steadier for machining. Two pairs of jaws are moved independently to assure complete lock and self-centering.
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