Built In Cylinder Fixed Type

Chuck Fixtures

2 actuating axes self-centering solid air chuck fixtures is great for machining center. Two pairs of jaws clamp one after another to assure a workpiece to be locked completely.

  1. Rust-proof for Pneumatic Cylinder: Inside wall of cylinder being rustproof treated; cylinder can work under wet or high moisture circumstances without rusty or seized trouble.
  2. Dusts-proof and Waterproof: Dust-proof and Waterproof structure prevents work-chips and coolant water from entering into inside of chuck cylinder to maintain its accuracy and lead to longer service life.
  3. 4-jaw Clamping and Self-centering: 4-jaw clamping are steadier for machining. Two pairs of jaws are moved independently to assure complete lock and self-centering.
VDI Type