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Built In Cylinder Power Chuck

Maximize productivity and efficiency in machining with a built-in cylinder power chuck. Learn about the features and benefits of this workholding device, including its ease of use, precision, and versatility

Rotary AIr Chuck by kuvam technologies pvt ltd

Rotary Air Chuck Fixture

Low Torque / Built-In Check Valve

  1. Dust and Liquid proof cover: Design with Labyrinth Seal Rings, prevent the metal chips and coolant into the internal cylinder to guarantee chuck's performance and service life.
  2. Built in Check Vale: Design with built in Check Valve.It's doesn't need to supply the air continuously and remain low working torque also reduce the air consumption.
  3. Higher Rotation Speed: The rotation speed from 100RPM to 180RPM, higher rotation speed to fit with more kind of working.
  4. Integral pneumatic cylinder: Connect chuck and built-in cylinder to each other directly;thus enables operation stability. Moreover,it is more convenient for installation and operation since the use of draw tube and draw bar are no longer necessary.
  5. Rustproof treated cylinder: The cylinder won't get rusty and seized even wet or high moisture working environment.
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