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Looking for Electro spindle

For your CNC Router?

Not sure about how to select the best model for your application?

Concerned about losing business to the competition?

Worried about premature failure of the air-cooled spindle?



    When we select the wrong spindle, we incur unnecessary breakdowns and can cause business loss, damage to reputation, and loss of customers.  Hence one wrong selection can cause opportunity loss of several crores!


    Recently we help one of our customer’s frequent bearing failure problems by identifying the root cause and saved his yearly loss of Rs. 43000. If you want to prevent losses contact our spindle specialist!

    AUTO TOOL CHANGE SPINDLE By Kuvam technologies pvt ltd

    Automatic Tool Change Spindle

    MANUAL TOOL CHANGE SPINDLE By Kuvam technologies pvt ltd

    Manual Tool Change Spindle

    Hiteco Features:

    • Made in Europe
    • GMN, German bearing
    • Dual Balancing
    • High-power cutting, High-speed cutting
    • Available in Compressed Air Cooling & Electric Fan cooling.
    • Standard ER Collect

    Hiteco Benefits:

    • Less Maintenance Cost
    • Less Capital Required
    • Solutions for every application like wood carving, Pattern making, and advanced material.
    • Available in different power ratings.
    • Available in Manual Tool Change, Automatic Tool Change
    • Available in Dual 220/380 volts
    • Can be used where 3 phase supply is not available.

    Hiteco Automatic Tool Change spindle Videos

    Please Fill the Form to download catalogue

    Please Fill the Form to download catalogue

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