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Pull Back Power Chuck Fixture

Improve machining accuracy and productivity with a Pull Back Power Chuck Fixture. Discover the benefits of using this work-holding device for securely holding and positioning workpieces in your machining operations.

Pull Back Power Chuck Fixtures By Kuvam technologies pvt ltd

Pull Back Power Chuck Fixtures

Pull Back Power Chuck Fixture is ideal for machining application on working table, workpiece can be clamped firmly not lift up; it is suitable for heavy cutting as well as the casting and forging machining.

  1. Rust-proof for Pneumatic Cylinder: Insid wall of cylinder being rustproof treated; cylinder can work under wet or high moisture circumstances without rusty or seized trouble.
  2. Dusts-proof and Waterproof: Dust-proof and Waterproof structure prevents work-chips and coolant water from entering into inside of chuck cylinder to maintain its accuracy and lead to longer service life.
  3. Heavy Duty Clamping Design: Collocating hydraulic system to do heavy duty clamping, the chuck structure is steady and wor't deform.
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