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Makwana K.K (CEO)
KTM Techno Solutions

We bought spindles from Kuvam Technologies , quality is good compared to local brand. We also displayed them in Delhi Machine Tool Show ! We are very much satisfied with the quality and performance of the product. We also thank you for giving us good price support.

Rajinder Garg
Mr. Rajinder Garg (Owner)

We have been offered Hiteco spindle which has advance technologies along with huge benefits by kuvam engineers. They have guided about the machinery do’s and don’t so well that we have not faced any problem in the machine till date.

Rohit Pansara
Mr. Rohit Pansara (Director)

Kuvam has unique quality & wide range of products. After sale service is very good, they make sure that we should not have any issue in using the product. Kuvam service engineer has also helped me repairing the existing spindle.

Mehul Thakor
Mr. Mehul Thakor (Owner)

We have been a regular customer of Kuvam and we really appreciate their exceptional support service,  its very easy to deal with them.

Nikunj Patel
Mr. Nikunj Patel (Proprietor)
Art Auto Machinery

We have been dealing with Kuvam since June 2019 their products are high in quality with effective price and service engineers are well equipped with the complete process which has made dealing very easy with them

Dipak Prajapati
Mr. Dipak Prajapati (proprietor))
Art Auto Machinery

I have been dealing with Kuvam from quite a long time and am very happy and satisfied with their products & services. the best part is they are easy to approach for any kind of service-related issue.

Phanibhushan Patel
Mr. P. Patel

We have been dealing with Kuvam since long and extremely happy with the products and service. there was an issue with spindle -which was resolved in no time by replacing the product. Service Engineer has provided exceptional service. Thank you Kuvam.

Shuvo Mukhopadhyay
Mr. Shuvo Mukhopadhyay (CEO)

It’s very convenient to deal with Kuvam as the sales engineer has good product knowledge and good support service is provided until the product is delivered.

Parag Dave – Client
Mr. Parag Dave
Success Technologies

We have a long business association with kuvam. We feel always comfortable to do business with them. They always update us with new technologies in relevant fields. They have dedicated technical team for immediate support. We got on time delivery, even if there are any urgent delivery requirement, they have always provided us the support we needed. We are thankful to Kuvam for being part of our export orders.

Alok Pankabj Client – Kuvam technologies
Alok Pankaj (Director)
Teleios CNC india Pvt Ltd

Kuvam is providing us very good solutions to our manufacturing unit. We have used their spindles. Spindles are really very good quality. Spindle cooling is very fast. Kuvam has got wide range of spindles, not only for routers they have spindles for many applications. We thank you for providing us such good products.

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