Rotary Production Assembly

Rotary Production Assembly


Model RX4RPS215 RX4RPS270 RX4RPS350

Table Diameter(mm) – Rotary Table

Ø215 Ø270 Ø350
Table Diameter(mm) – Face Plate Tail Support Ø140 Ø160 Ø210
Diameter of Center bore(mm) Ø60H7 Ø60H7 Ø100H7
Tenon Slot size(mm) 14H7 18H7 18H7
Diameter of through hole(mm) Ø55 Ø55 Ø55
Table Center height(mm) 145 145 145
Tenon slot size(mm) 14H7 14H7 14H7
Speed reduction ratio– Rotary Table 1:90 1:20 1:144
Load capacity 300 kgs 350 kgs 600 kgs
Table rotation speed 33.3 25 20.83
Clamping Torque (pneumatic@6 bar) 450 600 NA
Clamping Torque (Hydraulic@30 bar) 950 1050 1700
Driving Torque 250 400 636
CNC Rotary Table

Rotary Production Assembly Images